With a constellation of islands located at the junction of two mighty bodies of water (the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico), the Florida Keys is a great place for your kayaking adventures! The Keys are comprised of over 1700 islands that span almost 200 square miles. It is difficult to make a recommendation on how many miles to cover in a day because so much depends on the wind speed and direction, which fluctuates daily.

The waters surrounding The Keys offer an abundance of wildlife. If you’re an angler, be sure to bring your gear as the fishing is world class. When the water is calm and clear, there are several patch reefs that are worth stopping to explore with a mask and snorkel. Stay alert while paddling and you might spot a sea turtle, manatees and a wide variety of sea birds.

Florida regulations specify that you must have a life vest with you, because you never know when an accident will happen, causing you to tip or flip. If you’re kayaking Florida Keys with children, the law stipulates that anyone younger than 6, must wear their life vest at all times. People often taken their pets paddling with them so don’t forget a life vest for your dog too!

In the Florida Keys, you can kayak and take in the beautiful scenery along the way! You’re in the Caribbean around a bunch of cool islands, what more could you want?